Knowledge Hub Africa

KHA stimulates debates and promotes collaboration and research synergies across borders.

KHA is an online seminar series for knowledge sharing that fosters dialogue around social, political, environmental and economic developments in contemporary Africa and its diaspora.

KHA is a bi-monthly online seminar series for knowledge sharing and fostering dialogue regarding the social, political, environmental and economic developments in contemporary Africa and its diaspora. Its aim is to bring together emerging and seasoned social science academics and researchers from interdisciplinary backgrounds across the globe to engage in the most topical issues impacting Africa and its diaspora.


Policymakers and practitioners as well as members of the civil society will be invited to share knowledge regarding their work as it relates to the developments occurring on the continent.

It is a platform to engage in debates and discussions regarding the sociopolitical and economic experiences of Africans within the continent and beyond during multifaceted crises. Today, the world is facing serious problems including pandemics, war, conflicts, environmental and climate crisis impacting on Africa and its diaspora.

The focus is on, but not limited, to these challenges as they relate to Africa and its diaspora.

KHA seeks to promote engaging interactions between academics, researchers, students, civil society, consultants, the industry, and government agencies.

It entices intellectually stimulating debates and promotes future collaborations among different stakeholders.

Such multi-stakeholder conversations are essential in pondering on solutions to the World’s most pressing challenges.


Individuals, civil society organizations, consultancy firms, government agencies, and multilateral organizations, policy makers and practitioners, academics across the globe interested on Africa (and its diaspora)-related topics.


Registration details will be sent out two weeks before each webinar. Information on any upcoming sessions will be shared via the webinar series mailing list, and across various social media platforms – e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.


The seminar series offers an opportunity for partnership for academic institutions and working professionals, development agencies and organisations who are working in these fields.

KHA as a collaborative networking space

The KHA is designed to grow as a collaborative network of dedicated professionals, organisations and collaborative partnerships. Once people become members of the hub, they can share their own research, as well as access the hub on an advisory basis – for example presenting ideas for research they want to conduct in a particular area, with the aim towards getting advice from seasoned researchers, as well as finding synergistic relationships.

This would be useful for people applying for funding for projects as they can better ground their work and find collaborative partnerships and network African based research.


Dr Joshua Matanzima
(Founder and Director)

Professor Kirk Helliker