Dr. Joshua Matanzima and Professor Kirk Helliker are integral members of the dynamic team at KHA (Knowledge Hub Africa), spearheading a bi-monthly online seminar series dedicated to fostering knowledge sharing and meaningful dialogue on the multifaceted realms of social, political, environmental, and economic developments in contemporary Africa and its diaspora.

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Dr Joshua Matanzima
(Founder and Director)

Joshua Matanzima is a Research Fellow at the Australian Rivers Institute, Griffith University in Australia and a Research Officer at Centre for Social Respobsility in Mining at the University of Queensland in Australia.

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Professor Kirk Helliker


Kirk Helliker is a research professor in the Department of Sociology at Rhodes University in South Africa, where he heads the Unit of Zimbabwean Studies, which he founded. He published widely on Zimbabwean history, politics and society and has supervised a significant number of PhD and MA students.