KHA (Knowledge Hub Africa), has published concise short communications and insightful interview transcripts, as tools to rapidly disseminate valuable knowledge, fostering dialogue and contributing to a nuanced understanding of social, political, and economic developments in contemporary Africa and its diaspora.


Short communications publications are concise and focused scholarly works that provide brief yet impactful contributions to a specific field of study. These succinct articles are designed to convey important findings and observations in a condensed format. Unlike traditional research papers, short communications emphasize brevity, presenting key information efficiently without compromising on significance.

Short communications are particularly valuable for conveying timely updates, preliminary results, or groundbreaking insights that may not require a full-length research paper. This format facilitates a swift exchange of information, promoting agility and responsiveness in the ever-evolving landscape of academic research.


Interview transcripts conducted for KHA (Knowledge Hub Africa) serve as invaluable records capturing the voices and insights of diverse individuals engaged in conversations related to social, political, environmental, and economic developments in contemporary Africa and its diaspora. These transcripts meticulously document the narratives and perspectives of experts, academics, and thought leaders, contributing to the rich tapestry of knowledge curated by KHA. The transcripts not only provide a textual representation of the interviews but also serve as a foundation for further analysis and exploration of critical issues. Through the lens of these interviews, KHA aims to foster a deeper understanding of the complex challenges and opportunities facing Africa and its diaspora, promoting an inclusive and comprehensive dialogue that transcends geographical and disciplinary boundaries.